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Music Program

Our Music Program is an educational music experience where children learn the concepts of beat, rhythm, tempo, pitch and dynamics in a play based environment.

Foundations of Musical Learning

In our Music Program, we believe that every child is a natural music-maker. Our curriculum is designed to introduce fundamental musical concepts in a play-based environment, fostering a love for music while laying the foundations for a lifelong appreciation of the arts.

Creative Expression:

Our Music Program is a platform for creative expression. Through singing, movement, and instrument play, children can express themselves freely, building confidence and a positive self-image. We encourage their imaginative interpretations of melodies and rhythms, fostering an environment where every child's unique musical voice is celebrated.

Integration with Other Learning Areas:

Music is not a standalone experience in our center; it's seamlessly integrated into our broader curriculum. Whether it's tying in with a thematic unit or complementing language development through songs and rhymes, our Music Program enhances overall cognitive and emotional development.

Yoga & Mindfulness

Yoga has mindfulness and breathing activities to help very young children start to make a conscious connection with their breath and lay the foundations for understanding how to consciously create happy thoughts and achieving relaxation and moments of stillness – seeing a child under the age of five close their eyes and be mindful is a very beautiful and inspiring thing to see.

Yoga is also a fantastic way for children to learn social interactions and connect with each other through laughter, fun, imagination and not taking ourselves too seriously – how great is that!

Aligned with the EYLF and National Educational Curriculum, the Yoga professional team offer unique movement, mindfulness and breathing programs that are connecting kids with wellbeing.

This Early Learning Program has been especially created for children under six (6) years.

It is a non-traditional song and imaginative story based class that is fun, playful, relaxed and introduces the foundations of yoga.

Yoga is to help kids around the world lead healthier, more loving lives through movement and breathing.

Bush Kinder Program

Our Bush Kinder program creates many opportunites for children to delight in a deep, attentive connection with the amazing land in which we live. Promoting Aboriginal culture, understanding and challenging existing beliefs.

Children love to explore beyond the perimeter of the fence. To touch and feel and explore in our bush and beach settings. We are extremely lucky on the Gold Coast as we have such rich landscapes to explore which not only is extremely exciting but it also creates such robust learning.


Each day at the centre children are experiencing and living a myriad of existing and new skills and challenges, building relationships, creating memories and challenging themselves to learn, develop and succeed.

A fabulous part of our curriculum planning enables us to record so many of these absolutely priceless moments for you and your families to see at any time.

This is a secure platform that is cyber tested to ensure your child's information is stored privately.

StoryPark is an online platform that enables parents to have a secure view of their child's learning journey from the moment they start at Essence Early Learning through until their last day.

Brilliant moments captured, photos displayed and developmental information is linked to foster a continual enriched environment especially formulated for your child.

Abecedarian Approach

The Abecedarian Approach is one of the few evidence-based, proven programs that integrates basic principles of human learning and development into a fun, affordable, and effective approach to early childhood education.

The Enriched caregiving strategy helps build a stronger connection with the child while they are learning.

Abecedarian Strategies are foundation practices within our service. They underpin our centre philosophy, our programming and planning and facilitate learning across all of our classrooms.

Our Centre leaders and educators are Abecedarian practitioners and we also have an Abecedarian coach on site which there are only in a handful of centres on the Gold Coast.

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of High Quality best practices and are always continuoulsy building on training and knowledge.

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