Birth - 15 Months

Our Nursery Room is brilliant, bright and personalised to meet your child's individual needs. First and foremost parents and families are their child's foundation teachers. We respect and understand this, so sharing as such information as possible with the Nursery educators creates fabulous memories for the nursery children, enjoying, discovering and inspiring independence.

We provide a safe secure space for babies to feel supported whilst they explore in a safe environment. Our room has a maximum of 8 babies per day with the educator to child ratio being 1:4.

Our baby food is cooked on premises using only fresh natural ingriedients, all preservative free. We cater to all dietary requirements and work closely with our Food Safety Supervisor to ensure the healthiest meals are prepared and served.

Our playground offers both natural and interactive spaces for babies to explore. Additionally, our Nursery features a dedicated outdoor area designed for safe outdoor play.

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15 Months - 2 yrs

We have a beautiful small ratio in our Toddlers room which allows children to settle into their environment in a small group. We have a maximum of 8 Toddlers per day in our room with a ratio with Educators being 1:4

This means when babies transition out of our Nursery they have a very small group to join into which means they assisted with their development to achieve their milestones in a small group size which is extremely calm and settling.

Our qualified educators create numerous opportunities daily for the children to discover, develop, play, create and simply enjoy their day. All areas of the curriculum are facilitated, experienced, recorded and reflected upon.

Children have a generous combination of teacher directed time, the freedom of uninterrupted exploration and are encouraged to share their interests to further develop curriculum and planning goals, focus and interests.

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Junior Kindy

2 years - 3 years

Our Junior Kindy room is a large room with lots of natural light and ventilation. This makes the space inviting for children as soon as they walk into the environment.

We have a 1:5 ratio in the room of educators to child and we cap the numbers at 15 children per day even though the room exceeds the legal minimum requirement.

The children have a large undercover outdoor space so the educators can run an indoor & outdoor program simultaneously. This also
means having this great space allows children to run off excess energy and ride bikes and climb even though the weather might not be so good outside.

Children are supported in connecting and contributing to their world around us. Our educators are always exploring and investigating with the children to lay the foundations in these important early years.

As children become connected to their world, they are also building their skills to build long lasting relationships and strengthening their social and emotional wellbeing.

Senior Kindy

3 years - 4 years

Three year olds are really coming into their own personality and are really starting to explore the world around them.

Our curriculum supports children to express themselves as they are learning to regulate their own feelings and emotions. We guide children to take care of their own health & physical well being to support them in their development.

We plan experiences to broaden children's perspectives and encourage an appreciation of diversity.

We use language to extend and enrich childrens play so they can use their imaginations, create, design and have concrete learning experiences.

Our room caters for 22 children and is a spacious room which is great for children to explore as well have ample space so they can spread out and have extra room to focus. This will also assist children settling into their environment without worrying about other children working on top of them as there is extra space for everyone to spread out.


Outdoor play fosters an appreciation for the natural environment, enviromental awareness and provides a platform for messy uninterupted play.

If you think back to your favourite memories from your childhood, I bet it would be making mud pies, building sandcastles and climbing trees.

Nature and outdoors is full of mystery surprise and beauty with a variety of elements for children to incorporate in their play. The play possibilities in the outdoors is endless.

At Essence we believe that first-hand, sensory experience of nature is important for children’s growth as caring, responsible citizens of this planet.

We want to engage children with nature—taking children out and
bringing nature in.

Therefore we made the decision to make our playground 80% of natural materials for children to manipulate and play freely using what nature has provided. Therefore we only have 20% of our outdoor space with artificial play spaces.

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