Fees and Child Care Subsidy

Our Fees

Our fees are very affordable and include everything on our website. 
There are no hidden costs throughout the year, we cater to every excursion and event we hold as a service.

Call the centre to advise of your eligibility so we can give you your exact session
price to match your individual eligibility.

Flexible session hours available

We understand all families are different and need different hours of care. 

Therefore we offer the following session times:

  • 7.5 -hour session - (Kindergarten only)
  • 9-hour session
  • 10-hour session
  • 12-hour session

You have the flexibility to choose your own hours to match these sessions!

Child Care Subsidy

Child Care Subsidy is the regular payment that assists most families with the costs of child care. Child Care Subsidy will be paid directly to providers in most cases, to be passed on to families as a fee reduction. This in turn will reduce the fees that a family pays a child care provider for the care of their child/ren. You can find out more about the CCS at, Services Australia.

Please speak with the Nominated Supervisor at your centre for all further information relating to our daily fees, session times and how CCS will apply to you.

How QLD government's Starting Blocks program can help you

Starting Blocks is a government website providing parents with trusted information about early childhood education and care to help them make the best choice for their child and family.

Starting Blocks is a go-to website for pregnant couples, new parents, and parents of toddlers who want information from a credible source on the best ways to raise a child.

Do you need a myGOV account for your Child Care Subsidy?

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