Our Philosophy

Creating Magical Moments

The Essence of Learning

We believe learning is celebrating discovery, enjoyment and ability, ensuring the acquisition of knowledge on every level.

We believe children need to experience trials and tribulations as they learn.

We understand creating opportunities for success strengthens this process, therefore changing what we know and building on what we do as individuals.

 Knowing, valuing and cultivating diverse material, inspires the learning process and facilitates the fundamental instincts of the child. Allowing opportunities for lifelong learning to occur.

The Essence of Play

We believe play, the therapeutic practice of a child, begins with the freedom of opportunity- indoors and outdoors.

Uninterrupted, real play, whereby mindful learning takes place and life-long learning connected with present knowledge and memories.

Thriving succeeds when practice, patience and the ability to challenge current interpretations are encouraged.

An integral part of our play revolves around the 3A Abecedarian Approach Australia. 3a is evidence-based teaching and learning strategies for early childhood educators and parents to use with children from birth to five.

The Essence of Community

We believe community encompasses the intrinsic building blocks to establish created visions, collaborative relationships and an imperative supportive network.

This is vital in a setting where children are learning and growing. Strong communities, forge partnerships, encourage common aspirations and offer safety and protection for children in our care.

We have strong connections in our local community, with our families and children and with each other. We make the effort to go the extra mile to create these very strong and sustainable relationships within our communities.

The Essence of Friendship

We believe kindness is in the true nature of positive friendships.

Fostering empathy, care and the ability to believe in equality, honesty and inclusion.

Positive relationships build a greater happiness through laughter, absolute delight and the understanding of transparency and authenticity.

The Essence of Nature

We believe in the promotion of wonder and amazement of nature. We understand nature effortlessly engages and strengthens children’s abilities, connections and encourages the freedom of faultlessness.

Nature itself is creative, vibrant, full of endless opportunities and promotes discussion, inspiring independence, belonging and belief. The land is precious to us and we respect it.

We nurture and care for our gardens and our surrounding natural environments.

The Essence of Culture and Inclusion

We believe that by providing our children with knowledge and an understanding of this land, we will arm them with cultural pride and respect.

Pride for their place in this world and respect for everyone who shares it.

Inclusive environments come from a strong fundamental understanding of this nation and its first people. Through our commitment to inclusion, we will provide; safe, happy, respectful and proud environments for all to enjoy. We believe that individuality and self-appreciation should be central to a child’s early learning and foundations. 

Culture will be celebrated and fostered, diversity embraced, and belief instilled. We believe in families as a child’s first teacher and insist on emulating positive connections, accompanied with respect, care and adoration.

We believe that every child will be nurtured, allowing the facilitation of being able to essentially be their unique selves. Children are supported and interconnected to the centre thriving in an environment filled with happiness and encouraging exploration and discussion of distinction.

The Essence of Sustainability

We believe in teaching foundation environmental ethics, creating opportunities for children to be mindful preservationists and conservationists regarding their immediate and wider world.

We prompt awareness, attentiveness, knowledgeability and practical communication regarding reducing, reusing and recycling.

We utilize real world consequences and developments, facilitating problem solving, examination, curiosity, and discovery. We are guided by the National Quality Framework in all areas of our centre Philosophy

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